1- Real Estate And Tourism Investment

We are leading specialists in the hospitality and leisure industries, applying internationally recognized best practices in environmental planning and design, focusing on the development of new hotels within master planned resort communities. These offer a variety of facilities including, retail shopping malls, leisure, attractions, entertainment, and residential real estate combined with the development of commercial real estate.

2- Tourism Villages
We initiate the development of the model of tourism villages. These villages are a planned concentration of tourism facilities within a defined area. The villages consist of tourist accommodation, ranging from 3 to 5 star international flag hotels, recreational, commercial and cultural facilities, together with staff accommodation and urban services such as schools and medical services.

3- Agricultural Development Group
We are focused on the development of agricultural land, organizing research and development partnerships among producers to assist producers with resource management, applied on-farm research and demonstrations, pest management and diversification, and land use planning. We search for innovative approaches to agriculture, environment protection and policy to increase long-term production of local agricultural foodstuffs with the aim of improving their quality and quantity.